Construction Training Centre offering Driver CPC training online

From 6th April, the Construction Training Centre will be offering Driver CPC training online.

To comply with government guidance, the Construction Training Centre building is closed, but the team is still very much open for business. We have quickly moved our services online, and are excited to lead the way in launching a new online courses, which can be completed from your home, in two, three and a half sessions, over two consecutive days.

As an alternative to the 7 consecutive hour training course, we created 8 modular courses each being 3.5 hours. The idea behind this comes from research and feedback from previous candidates that 7 hours is too long and more is gained from completing the course in two 3.5 hour sessions over 2 days. Having trialled this new format results and feedback from candidates has been much more positive and candidates have retained more information.

The new initiative will allow drivers to complete periodic training, whilst their work calendar may be reduced.

There are three online courses that you can take, which replicate what would have originally taken place in a classroom, each course takes 7 hours, split in two, over two consecutive days:

  • Course 1: Drink and drugs (day 1) and speed awareness (day 2)
  • Course 2: Manual Handling (day 1) and Safe and Fuel-Efficient Driving (day 2)
  • Course 3: Vulnerable Road Users (day 1) and Safe Loading (day 2)

The training will also be offered at a reduced price, thanks to the additional funding we can access.

Head of the Construction Training Centre, Simon Werkshagen, said: “Moving our Driver CPC training online is going to benefit the industry during these challenging times.

“These online courses will be easy to access, and they are a great opportunity for operators to stay on top of their training whilst self isolating and social distancing.

“Training remains extremely important for operators, as they seek to enhance their development and our experienced staff are ready to meet these needs.

“It’s important to note that these courses will still be led by our expert trainers, so they will not only support you through the training but also offer an opportunity to keep up human connectivity in a tough time, and that is something we feel is vitally important.”

To find out more about this course, please click here.