Get paid to train...


An apprenticeship is a job, with training. You are employed and paid an initially lower wage to perform a particular role, with an understanding that you will be trained through experience and qualifications to perform the role to a defined standard. Your employer will give you tasks to perform, and the training provider will give you the skills to perform those tasks. 

Health and Safety Training Courses in Weston-super-Mare

Becoming an apprentice is a great way to learn and enter into an industry of your choosing.

We work with over 1,400 employers to deliver over 70 different apprenticeships across a wide range of sectors and skill levels.

Apprenticeships are jobs… with extra benefits. You can achieve nationally-recognised qualifications, earn a wage, and gain skills. Plus, you’ll get the benefit of being a Weston College student which includes Students’ Union membership, a subsidised bus pass, access to our Sports Academies, and help from our support and guidance teams.

They offer clear career paths. With an apprenticeship you’ll go straight into employment. Because we teach apprentices from Level 2 to degree-level, there will be clear routes for you to progress within an industry. 90% of our apprentices are offered permanent positions at the end of their course.

They are personalised approach to learning. We’ll match you with appropriate employers and offer you the support you need to be a successful apprentice. Our apprentice recruitment team has commercial recruitment experience to make sure you’re offered the right career advice and guidance.

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